Build Your Business With Data Analytics, the “Moneyball” Way

Based on numbers alone, a quick analysis of the total count of season tickets shared by Cajam Marketing staff members, the amount of ice cream cones consumed at Citizens Bank Park and the frequency of Snapchat stories involving the Phillie Phanatic directly correlates to the number of baseball fans on the Cajam Marketing team.

What Can Google Analytics Tell You About Your Business?

“What is “Googled” the most?” (Siri says “Lamar Odom” was Google’s top trending general search in 2015). Thanks to search tools, personal assistants like Siri, and apps like Shazam, we have the answers to every question imaginable, right at our fingertips.

During the workday, e-commerce store owners, managers and marketers expect this same instant gratification when presented with more pressing questions related to company performance and profitability. Read More >

Easy Tips to Build Customer Loyalty

Citing the challenges of creating customer loyalty in an online shopping ecosystem, Bryan Roberts, analyst at Kantar Retail, notes, “When my Mum was doing her Christmas shopping 30 years ago, the cost of her swapping retailers was a 90 minute drive. Now, the cost of switching retailers is a click of the mouse. Having a degree of emotional loyalty can count for an awful lot.”
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Holiday Season Ready: What Online Retailers Need to Know About Bing, Gemini and Other Marketing Changes

As the countdown to the busy online holiday shopping season begins, online retailers may need to freshen up their paid search and comparison shopping engine strategies. In the ever-changing search engine marketing landscape, we’ve recently seen significant changes in platforms, partnerships and ad products. Here is a short summary of what you need to know as you revamp holiday ad campaigns and allocate ad budgets.
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E-Commerce Marketing: Google and Mobile Holiday Season Strategies

Online merchants have long to-do lists to prepare for the busy make-or-break holiday shopping season. As you prioritize the tasks most likely to bring in conversions, optimizing your Google advertising should be at the top of the list. Here are three important questions that can help you get your Google holiday season strategy in order.

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Will Amazon Pay Per Click Ad Changes Affect Your eCommerce Holiday Plans?

For many diligent e-tailers who started preparing for the 2015 holiday shopping season before their 2014 holiday shipments left the warehouse, Amazon’s upcoming pay per click ad changes have derailed some planned holiday ad campaigns. Luckily, there’s still time for nimble, adaptable online businesses to switch gears and take advantage of new Amazon ad opportunities for the 2015 retail holiday season.
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