Marketplaces: Amazon, Jet, Wayfair & More

Selling on Amazon® Marketplaces

Amazon is the fastest-growing marketplace. According to statista.com, Amazon sites received 175 million visitors per month as of March 2015. With the discontinuation of Amazon Product and Text Ads, retailers who do not sell directly on Amazon are losing a significant source of revenue.

Have you considered selling on Amazon?

Cajam Marketing can guide you through the consideration process and nuances of selling on Amazon. Selling on Amazon, managing orders, and fulfilling shipments can be complex for merchants regardless of their inventory. Amazon has stringent requirements for retailers and enforces its guidelines.

Avoid costly pitfalls in the set up process

Cajam Marketing can help you get set up and avoid costly pitfalls including:

  • Open and closed/restricted categories
  • Marketplace fees
  • Competition
  • Guidelines for email communication
  • Directing customers away from Amazon
  • Misleading information or pricing
  • Ratings and review abuse
  • Customer communication
  • Inventory
  • Returns
  • Incorrect UPCs
  • Fulfillment by Amazon

Contact us today and see if selling on Amazon is right for your business. If you are selling on Amazon Marketplace already, we can review your account and help you take advantage of all Amazon opportunities.

Jet, Houzz, Wayfair, Hayneedle, NewEgg and Other Marketplaces

New marketplaces are opening every day. Where should you sell your products? Our team can help you analyze your best opportunities, test and help you manage product feeds. We help many clients sort through the ever-changing shopping channels.

Where Should You Sell Your Products?

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